Playa Hermosa Guanacaste Fishing and Surfing Vacation Strategy

Original article authored by Brian Farley and published by The Costa Rica Star on Tuesday, January 24, 2012. Brian Farley is the owner and operator of CR Surf Charters. CR Surf ChartersThere have been a lot of changes in travel lately. Airline fees tend to bring you to your knees in the past few years. I want to touch base with the traveling surfer and fisherman who are interested in traveling to Costa Rica. All of you “water sport junkies” have been hit really hard where it hurts the most, your wallet. I am on a mission to get the most out of my money, have the best time, and not go home saying, “I got screwed on that one!”

Let’s start off with the surfers. I know the first thing that comes to mind is “BOARD BAG”. You are correct! It sounds like it was the airlines first thing that came to mind as well. Truth be told, it was cheaper for me to fly my dog out here than it was for my 1 board bag! OUCH!! Here is an example of what 1 airline has to say. I will not mention what airline for a lot of reasons.


Surf and Fish the Winds of the Papagayo

Original article authored by Brian Farley and published by The Costa Rica Star on Monday, January 16, 2012.

Brian Farley is the owner and operator of CR Surf Charters.

Head High at WitchEvery year in January the ”Papagayo Winds” arrive in Guanacastes on cue , as if directed by Spielberg or Scorsese. And for many, heavy winds at the beach and surf are somewhat of an annoyance. But for sport fisherman and surfers the mind races and the pulse quickens in anticipation of this epic part of the summer season here in the dry, sunny northwest territory of Costa Rica. Why? Because the “Papagayo’s” mean great sport fishing and awesome surfing here!

The “Papagayo’s” are an annual meteorological phenomenon caused by colder, high-pressure weather systems that move southward from North America over the Gulf of Mexico and result in strong differentials in atmospheric pressure gradients between the cooler atmosphere over the Gulf of Mexico and the warmer, moister atmosphere over the Pacific Ocean.


My New Gig Writing for The Costa Rica Star News!

I am happy to announce that I will be writing a weekly column on surfing and fishing in Costa Rica for The Costa Rica Star! The Costa Rica Star is an English language digital e-Zine based in S. Jose, Costa Rica. Check out my profile on their Authors page!

I look forward to sharing my thoughts, experiences, and expertise with everyone starting next week. Please bookmark The Costa Rica Star and follow my column! Pura vida!

Hangout with Me on Google+, 1PM (CST), Sunday, Jan. 8!

Please join me, Brian Farley, at a Google hangout on the beach here in Playa Hermosa, Guanacaste, Costa Rica on Sunday, January 8, at 1PM Central Time US/2PM Eastern Time US. I”ll be hosting the hangout from my Players are then automatically enrolled in the 888 online casino VIP program. Google profile. I will be answering any and all questions about Costa Rica Surf Charters and living and surfing here in Costa Rica. I hope to have guest appearances by my wife Jen and our new little addtion, Tristan!

So circle Brian Farley and come back to my Google profile at 1PM Sunday to join my hangout. Please spread the word! Pura vida!

A Panga & A Baby

by Mike Poynton, guest blogger from Paradise Social

A few weeks ago tropical depression Irwin parked off the coast of southern Mexico for about a week an dished normally tranquilo Playa Hermosa, Guanacaste, some angry surf and unseasonably high tides. Things got so rough out in little Bahia Hermosa (Hermosa Bay) that every boat moored in the bay – except one – cast off and motored over to the calmer and more protected waters of Bahia Culebra (Snake Bay) where they dropped anchor for several days to take refuge from rogue swells, high winds and a relentless battery of choppy waves. None could take refuge from the ceaseless rain.


A Big Kahuna Congrats to Kelly Slater!

This video says it all! And he”s atoledo older than Brian!

~CR Surf Charters


10 to 12 Foot Waves at Ollies Point

I just got a call from my husband, who is out on a five day charter that departed this morning. He is reporting 10 to 12 foot waves at Ollies Point. The swell is strong, De spel som inte bidrar alls till omsattningskravet ar bland annat; Blackjack online , Pontoon, Double Exposure Blackjack online , Punto Banco, Roulette (alla sorter) och Baccarat (alla sorter). breaking perfectly and the water is perfectly clear. I think August and September are some of the best times of year to surf Costa Rica, but my husband always says that, “Any time is the best time to surf Costa Rica!”

Two Wonderful Full Day Trips

We had two wonderful full day trips this week. The water was 86 degrees the people Det er for eksempel et Casino hvor du kan vinne progressive Marvel jackpotter, det er jackpotter som har flere superhelt spilleautomater som X-Men, Daredevil, Iron Man I & II, Blade, Fantastic Four, og Elektra. were awesome and the crew made some of the best food I ever had. Now is a great time to surf Costa Rica.

Another Great Half Day Charter

We had another great half day charter. The weather was 88 degrees and the water was perfectly clear for snorkeling and Alt er i High definition, sa dette er en Roulette du kan bli dilla pa! 3D-briller er ikke nodvendig. swimming. We had a really fun group of 20. We are really excited to have them back when they book again in January. I love days like this.

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